Re-Enactors in Liverpool, NS

British Loyalist re-enactors taken in 2001: Kings Orange Rangers, Privateers Days, Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada, North America; Parade, reenactment, reenactors, Orange, rum runner.

Wikipedia: The King’s Orange Rangers, also known as the Corps of King’s Orange Rangers, were a British Loyalist battalion, raised in 1776 to defend British interests in Orange CountyProvince of New York and generally in and around the New York colony, although they saw most of their service in the Province of Nova Scotia. The battalion’s commander was Lieutenant Colonel John Bayard. The Rangers had an undistinguished military record, through most of its existence, and saw very limited combat, mostly against Patriot privateers, but did play an important role in the defence of the colony of Nova Scotia in the later years of the American Revolution. The King’s Orange Rangers are especially remembered for their role in the defence of Liverpool, in the Nova Scotia colony.

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