NS Halifax Cars – Steele Wheels

The Steele Wheels Museum in Bayers Lake, Halifax has a great celebration of automobiles and motorcycles. Both antique and modern sportscars. For me I enjoyed seeing the polished antiques like the 32 Chevy Cabriolet that my uncle in BC owned, and the famous stainless steel De Lorean, but they were all impressive. Many of them had owners from within Nova Scotia, plus the Ferrari that Justin Bieber owned, and got black listed for modifying it.

Surprising reminder that our Halifax has a Guinness Book of records Volvo driver who travelled the far corners of the world, in a record amount of time.

Their web site: steelewheels.ca/museum, closed on Monday and Tuesdays.

Panoramic view of large show room, Steele Wheels Motor Museum

Three pages of photos and a slide show below.

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